The Man Creating The Whole Foods of Weed
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The Man Creating The Whole Foods of Weed

As legalization for recreational marijuana approaches in California, business owners are ready for a booming new industry of pot.

Michael Steinmetz can best be described as a marijuana entrepreneur. He is a proprietor of the clean cannabis movement, and the founder of Flow Kana, a company that specializes in high-end medicinal marijuana delivery services.

Flow Kana is a pioneer in the marijuana industry. From their smartphone app you can order a plethora of different marijuana strains grown in the “Emerald Triangle” in Northern California, objectively the best weed in the world. Within minutes the cannabis is delivered by bike messenger to your front door. The app describes each type of strain, what the effects are, and the real-life people that grew it for you. Flow Kana believes that paying attention to how, where, and by whom the plants are grown, is the key to a legal cannabis model – 100% transparency.

Marijuana is medicinally legally in 23 states and recreationally legal in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and D.C. However, full legalization for California is a bit of an uphill battle. California has a denser population than every other state that has already voted to legalize cannabis, combined. It is also the largest producer of marijuana in the country, which means the effects of legalization would be felt in every state.

However, Troy Dayton certainly hasn’t given up hope yet. Troy is the co-founder of The ArcView Group, an investment and research firm that focuses on the progression of legalized marijuana. He believes that if marijuana becomes legal in all 50 states, and is regulated like alcohol is currently, it would amount to a 36 billion dollar industry. That doesn’t even include all the industries that would be established to support the cannabis market, which would likely be additional billions.

The way Michael and Flow Kana see it, if you can have a glass of wine with your friends when you’re out, you should be able to order and enjoy a joint as well. The company also collaborates with local entrepreneurs to offer marijuana yoga sessions and high-end dinner parties, where different strains of weed are featured rather than different types of wine. Flow Kana and ArcView aren’t just advocating for marijuana, they’re establishing an entirely new way of life for the future.

This story originally appeared on Seeker. View original article (and video) here.

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