Mendocino is a unique and special place. A place that I have spent the better part of my last three years forging incredible friendships and, since recently it’s a place that I call home. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the night in dozens of farmers’ homes and toured the most beautiful lands of Northern California. I have met hundreds of amazing people for whom cannabis is not just a way to pay the bills, but rather its part of a way of life. For some farmers, their connection to the land and local community stretches as far as three generations back. They hold these incredibly rare genetics that they have been perfecting over time as they evolve with the natural ways of the land. I’ve understood the subtle, yet profound, impacts that microclimates and terroir have on the plant, like they do with wine. I’ve seen 15-foot-tall cannabis plants that reach their full expression under the sun and develop the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes and a whole array of smells and tastes that prohibition has kept from us. I’ve grown to realize that Mendocino is home to, to perhaps, the world’s best cannabis and that the community is in a unique position to take the center stage for quality in a fully regulated marketplace.

Yet these very same people who have fought their whole life to protect their way of life with the plant, with legalization on the horizon- their ticket to freedom just around the corner, find themselves divided and conflicted on the issue. Many fear, with good reason, that the “mainstreamification” of their crop will force a race to the bottom with regards to price of cannabis. To many in Mendocino, and indeed the rest of the 53,000 cannabis farmers all over the state that have built an entire livelihood, an entire way of life around cannabis, the race to the bottom is not an option; because to them, it represents a race to the end of their livelihood.

So today at Flow Kana, we start the conversation that our game is not playing that race to the bottom, but rather fighting for our spot on the top. The highest echelon of premium quality cannabis that can be held by only a select few. Today we honor multiple generations of craftsmanship’s and valiant stewards of the land. Today, we honor Mendocino.

To all my amazing friends in Mendocino, this one’s for you.