Flow Kana is an app that promises to deliver connoisseur grade, all-natural cannabis straight from farms to your home.

Not for you is weed grown in seedy indoor greenhouses using dubious chemicals and pesticides. Instead, choose from a whole menu of boutique strains, all grown naturally, and ‘nourished by the sun, moon and stars.’

The strains of cannabis that are offered by Flow Kana are all 100% connoisseur grade certified, and nurtured by master growers using traditional growing practices and the highest quality natural ingredients.

Flow Kana helps traditional weed farmers counter the advent of big corporations that seek to take control of the market by driving down prices. Flow Kana brings the benefits of fair trade and fair prices to the traditional weed farmers.

According to TechCrunch, these farmers are banded into a kind of alliance which arranges for the weed to be collected from individual farms and delivered to a distribution center in San Francisco.

Customers get to smoke ‘clean’ cannabis with known antecedents such as who grew it, and where. Flow Kana eliminates middlemen such as dispensaries, and routes the weed directly from the farmer to your home, in under one hour, guaranteed, packed and delivered discreetly.

Watch Flow Kana’s Clean Cannabis Manifesto here:

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