International Women’s Day is (in my opinion) the most important day of the year. It’s time for us to reflect how far we’ve come as women, and how much farther we need to go. Today I asked the ladies of Flow Kana why they are proud to be a woman in cannabis. I was very impressed with the responses I got. It made me proud to be working alongside these women for a common cause.


Why are you proud to be a woman in cannabis?

Because cannabis is inherently female: nurturing, complex, hardy and bold! – Amanda Reiman

In a world where less than 5 percent of CEOS are female, this is an industry where we can level the playing field. – Tori Crichlow-Debro

Because I love changing the “bro” stereotype! – Dera Keith

Because it’s the healing of the nation, and women are the healers of the world. – Natalie Salim

Who better to put the female plants divine energy into the world than the ladies? – Mallory McCarron

Cannabis is important to so many individuals…If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. – Parke Davis

Because Cannabis is one of the strongest, yet most delicate, and  versatile plants in the world.  Just like us! – Flavia Cassani

I’m ready to be responsible for the shift in how cannabis is marketed – sex shouldn’t sell. – Summer Lambert

Because I’m proud to help erase stigmas — women love to smoke weed too! – Brooke Carpenter

In short… making it a more female dominated world, one day at a time. – Stella