This is how much the world has changed in the last few years: Flow Kana, an on-demand medical marijuana delivery platform, has created a system that enables buyers to communicate with growers via social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Flow Kana, which launched today, makes it easy to get convenient deliveries of organic, sustainably grown pot. For now, it is only serving the San Francisco Bay Area, but it says it is hoping to quickly expand to other parts of California and potentially to other states where medical pot is legal.

The company is hardly the only one making discreet marijuana deliver possible. Competitors include The Green Cross, Foggy Daze Delivery, and others. But Flow Kana thinks it’s different because it is specifically making it possible for buyers to communicate directly with the farmers growing their pot.

While that might seem weird, the company thinks some buyers will want to ask the growers what kind of pot will help them with a particular malady, say back pain, or about growing methods so they can feel confident they aren’t going to get any mold in their weed. Other buyers may just want to know a bit about the people who enabled their high, asking, for example, what being a cannabis farmer means to them.

Buyers can use Twitter, Facebook, or email to connect with the growers.

The company hopes that letting buyers talk to their growers will bring a bit of a farm-to-table feel to the pot economy. Especially in places like San Francisco, discerning consumers want the freshest, healthiest produce, and they want to know things about the people growing their eggs, vegetables, and more. Flow Kana clearly believes marijuana fits right into this new dynamic.

Originally posted on Venture Beat. View original article here