Flow Kana VP of Community Relations, Dr. Amanda Reiman, PhD., will be speaking on a panel discussion “Tapping the New $4B California Market” November 17 at the upcoming Las Vegas Marijuana Business Conference & Expo.

Many people inside and outside of the cannabis industry view the California market as a never-ending gold mine of opportunity.

While the 6th largest economy in the world promises a market that will eclipse the current legal cannabis landscape, business ownership in the state of California has never been a free market free for all. Hefty fees, taxes and regulatory burden are par for the course.

Add to that the inability to access banking and take out small business loans – all while producing a product held to stricter standards than any other produced in this state – and you will see that the California cannabis industry is not for the faint of heart.

Indeed, to survive and thrive in the California market businesses will have to be stable enough to consistently be on top of their game, while maintaining the flexibility needed to adapt to the ever changing regulatory landscape.

These issues related to doing canna business in California will be the center piece of my discussion at the Marijuana Business Conference in Las Vegas.