The rolling, hilly land of southern Humboldt is one of nature’s masterworks, a place where silvery sinewed creeks foggily weave through green carpet valleys, twisting toward tall forests enfolding golden meadows exposed to sun and moon. The artisan, craft cannabis farmers of the Humboldt High Five collective ply their fine arts in this wondrous amphitheater, lovingly cultivating cannabis in rhythm with the magical terroir that surrounds them and their families.

Lady Sativa Farm

The excellence produced at Lady Sativa Farm, the world’s first cannabis botanical permaculture garden, is noticeable whether the strain is a balanced CBD like the purple, citrus flavored Lions Qubit or hybrids Jackberry or Shesh Pie. The farm’s mission is well-balanced strains that provide a spectrum of solutions for patients. Indeed, the family creates unique terpene profiles in the artisan cannabis it produces by reusing its forest ecosystem in gardening. Instagram: @ladysativafarm707

Huckleberry Hill Farms

Friendly word of advice: despite the family’s official giggle warning, do not pass up Fruit Loopz. That public service announcement comes courtesy of Johnny Casali’s loving, hands on attention with this signature strain and its crosses, Super Fruit and Huckleberry OMG. Huckleberry Hill Farms is a small, true second-generation family farm whose organic practices come from its values of extreme care for the environment. Instagram: @huckleberryhillfarms

Alpenglow Farms

Upon tasting Alpenglow Farms’ signature strain Coyote Blue, with its initial burst of mental uplift settling into body relaxation, one appreciates the fine art of the pure, certified practices behind ensuring safe and healthy cannabis for medical and adult consumers alike. For the past quarter century, Craig Johnson has grown his family and garden in the southern Humboldt mountains. Hailing from a line of farmers including and stretching past his immigrant grandparents, the California-born Johnson innately understands pure regenerative farming practices are his farm’s lifeblood. Instagram: @alpenglowfarms707

Craig Johnson, head farmer at Alpenglow Farms, inspects his crop. Photo credit – Kurt Kugel

Moon Made Farms

High in southern Humboldt’s hills at 2,100 feet, Moon Made Farms selection of CBD dominant strains includes Pennywise, Harle Tsu, Rosaberry and Ringo’s Gift, whose buds seduce with sticky, sweet femininity. Under the leadership of Tina Gordon, Moon Made Farms carries on a legacy of female farmers growing cannabis on its land. Dedicating craft and care to nurture root system and canopy alike enhances the terpene profiles of its sun grown, moon made strains. Instagram: @moonmadefarms

Villa Paradiso

Relationships matter, especially the spiritual one between the sun, the earth and plants. Over the full season, cannabis plants live on the earth under moon and sun, inspiring Villa Paradiso’s farmers of three decades to find the right balance in strains bred specifically for the region. Find the hybridized strains produced by its exceptional Humboldt microclimate: Rattlesnake OG, Blue Nectar, Coconut K and Sueno Paradiso. Instagram: @villaparadisofarms

Flow Kana is proud to present the sustainable, craft farmers of Humboldt High Five to the world, bringing their exceptional, organic, artisan cannabis to market. Come meet them at the Emerald Cup!