Previously, we’ve discussed the authentic value in choosing sungrown cannabis cultivated in Emerald Triangle microclimates and soils. Our farmers grow differently by using sustainable agricultural methods that enrich the land, protect the environment for the next generation and have borne out over time.

It’s not difficult to realize why using the sun is more sustainable for cultivating cannabis than an indoor facility that uses high intensity lighting. Indoor cannabis production occurs because decades of federal prohibition and stigma made stealth agricultural production a necessity. However, the total energy cost of cannabis production has swelled to an estimated $6 billion annually, or the equivalent of a staggering 1.7 million American homes, according to New Frontier’s February 2016 cannabis industry analysis of energy usage. The most environmentally friendly choice is sungrown. In future articles we will further explore the benefits of exposure to full sun and moon have on the development and therapeutic effect of the plant.

Sustainably minded craft farmers collect the rain, reducing their impact in times of drought.

As years of California drought recently hammered home, agriculture must involve water conservation if it is to be sustainable. Our farmers capture the region’s winter drenching rains in catchment ponds and tanks to water summer’s plants, reducing or eliminating their need for other water sources. Limited resources require efficiency. Cannabis farmers who pursued their craft in the sun, yet under the shadow of prohibition, learned how to provide nourishment to their plants in remote areas without access to municipal water. Reports of growers diverting water from streams and impacting wildlife overshadowed the existence of farmers collecting rain and developing ponds. As all agriculture in California is vulnerable in times of drought, the small craft cannabis farmer can be an example of water conservation.

Solar panels at Aplenglow Farms harness sustainable sunlight for farming craft cannabis. Photo credit: Kurt Kugel

Sustainably minded craft farmers incorporate the unique elements of the air to farm in harmony with the land.

The daytime sun rises high in blue summer skies before surrendering to cool coastal fogs and breezes, which own the evenings and early mornings. The fog twists along lush river valleys and climbs the Triangle’s densely forested peaks, helping carve unique terroir. Like wine, these microclimates support a variety of cannabis cultivars, each thriving under in the environment that best supports it. When cannabis is produced in harmony with the land, it is healthier and has less impact on its surroundings.

Sustainably minded craft farmers create better quality land the longer they farm it.

Our farmers embrace permaculture and preservation of rich northern California soils that produce towering redwoods and world-class wine. Biodynamic methods and the use of natural pest control such as planting companion plants creates conditions that both support world class cannabis, and feed and nurture the soil year after year.

When you choose sustainability, you are choosing more than a superior product, you are choosing the methods of our farmers. You are choosing more than just the best sungrown cannabis in the world. You are choosing environmental conservation. You are choosing the California Way.