I first met Andrea Brooks about year ago when we got together for coffee at Hearth, a small cafe in San Francisco’s Castro District. A few weeks beforehand a friend had been telling me about Andrea and the company she was starting called Sava. I was intrigued by the words and values I was hearing – artisanal, craft producers, healthy, Etsy, CBD – and after learning a bit more I got the feeling we would be working together at some point in the not-so-distant future. And sure enough, we’ve developed a great partnership that enables our company, Flow Kana, to share our farmers’ small batch, boutique flowers with a patient base that appreciates artisan quality. You can find them on the Sava menu today!

More recently, Andrea and I were catching up on “old times” and discussing the “California Way” campaign we launchd back in April when I asked her to tell me what “The California Way” means to her. She got about a half way through before I asked her to start over so I could write it down:

“In California we’re lucky to have a customer base that not only understands our commitment to high-quality cannabis products, but also has created a demand that allows our marketplace to flourish. There is a literacy here around how cannabis is grown and how products are crafted that allows our customers to appreciate what goes into each product we curate.

Cannabis is intertwined with the culture in California, and people are eager to learn about and use it as medicine. We offer a range of formulas created with specific ailments in mind – headaches, menstrual cramps, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain relief – and people are adding these into their home medicine cabinets.

Our provider community is comprised of some truly outstanding individuals – people with backgrounds in pharmacology, herbalism, Ayurveda, holistic health. They are craftsmen/women who are passionate and curious about developing healing cannabis formulas.

California is a special place to do business. The intersection of artistry, healing modalities, cannabis knowledge, and customer interest is so strong here. It creates a strong community of patients and providers, united in understanding and using cannabis medicine grown here under the California sun.”

Another great perspective from one of San Francisco’s cannabis pioneers. Learn more at www.getsava.com.

Andrew Brooks, Founder of Sava
Andrea Brooks, Founder of Sava