With no medical marijuana dispensaries along the peninsula of California, it can be difficult for patients living in that area to access their medicine without driving to  San Jose or San Francisco.

Mike McCarty, a Redwood City resident and medical marijuana patient sees immense value in the home delivery option.

“Initially after I got my [medicinal] letter I had only two choices: drive to San Francisco or San Jose to dispensaries,” Mike said.

He discovered Flow Kana through Americans for Safe Access, and attended a party that we hosted, where he met several of the farmers that we partner with.  

“It’s kind of cool that I met these farmers and have a relationship with the people who are growing the stuff that I would buy and use,” he said.

Every few weeks Mike would drive up to San Francisco and wait to have Flow Kana bud delivered, but the trek wasn’t something he enjoyed.

“I really didn’t like having to drive to San Francisco just to order from Flow Kana,” he said. “I used to stand on a street corner waiting for a delivery, which was kind of weird.”

“When I got the email last week that Flow Kana is now available for delivery in this area, I thought, ‘that’s cool!’” he said. “I looked up what’s available, and haven’t placed an order yet, but I undoubtedly will because they have nothing but good stuff.”

Among the quiet coastal hills and small towns that spread across the peninsula, some might say a dispensary would stand out a bit more than some members of the community are comfortable with… For the sake of addressing these types of concerns, we believe that being able to access sustainable, healthy cannabis products through delivery options will help preserve a more discrete cannabis ecosystem in the area.

“There are lots of delivery services out there and I just don’t really utilize them, I’ve used a couple in the mid peninsula for certain products—mostly edibles, not bud, because in general I like to look at and smell stuff before I buy it because I have certain particular interests and preferences.

Mike is a cancer survivor, so for patients like him, it is imperative to have a selection that includes cannabis options grown sustainably with only organic inputs. Non-organic cannabis can contain chemicals and pesticides, which have the potential to cause damage to one’s health.

“I trust Flow Kana,” he said. “I trust the farmers that they get their [cannabis] from, and I know that it’s all tested not just for potency, but for cleanliness and for pesticides, and that kind of service—even though it costs a little bit more—that is incredibly beneficial, and I highly support Flow Kana for doing that.”

Some patients have serious medical conditions and are unable to get into a vehicle and drive to a dispensary location.

“A lot of patients, especially medical patients, now have various conditions that don’t allow them to drive to San Francisco or San Jose to go to a storefront dispensary, so I’m sure that delivery services are life savers for them,” Mike said.

We’re excited to serve the South Bay community – including parts of Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Redwood City, Foster City, San Carlos, Portola Valley, Palomar Park, Atherton, and San Mateo. Order now to receive artisan sungrown cannabis delivered straight to your door.

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