Ever since we started building the Flow Kana family one of our key goals has been to act as a voice for small farmers. To share their stories. In order to do so everyone in the family needs to know, firsthand, what life is like on a craft cannabis farm and what it takes to succeed in the Emerald Triangle. Surprisingly, up until about a month ago we still had a few family members who had not made the journey north so we decided to take action. We shut down the office for the first time in history (outside of a holiday) and took a company-wide trip to the farms!

In order to minimize our time away from our patients we split into two teams. I was fortunate enough to spend time with both groups. The first half, Team Flow, left the city on Saturday morning en route to Mendocino County. Before arriving at Ganja Ma Gardens, our final destination and the home of Nikki & Swami and Swami Select we made two stops. The first was Green Mountain Ranch to hang with Matt in his amazing garden. The second was Rusty Shovel Ranch to check out Will’s plants and most importantly, to meet the family of uber-curious llamas.

Green Mountain Ranch

After getting organized at Nikki & Swami’s, we fired up some Swami joints with the Swami Select crew and began to relax and settle into farm life. We took time to enjoy our dinner, gazed up at the stars and listened to Swami tell stories about growing his first plants on Telegraph Hill before we shut down the fire and headed bed.

Day two was the highlight of the trip as the entire Flow Kana family got to spend the day together. Team Kana, the second group, left the city bright and early in order to make it to Nikki & Swami’s by lunchtime. After enjoying a healthy, locally-sourced meal and some meditation in the Ganesh temple we all got mentally prepared for what lay ahead in the afternoon……the 2016 KANALYMPICS!

Ganja Ma Gardens

The Kanalympics is rumored to be one of the toughest competitions on the West Coast. It consists of three grueling events that result in a combined score: 1) Timed joint-rolling competition for quality 2) Three-legged race 3) Cards Against Humanity. Looking back, no one can really seem to remember who won but we do know that it came down to the wire!

The rest of the trip was spent at Nomad’s Landing and Polykulture Farms where we learned about Spencer and Dia’s one-of-a-kind compost tea and Micah and Johanna’s magical method of biological farming.

Polykulture Farms

On the way back down to the city we all spent some time trying to describe what makes the Emerald Triangle so special. It’s that feeling of being one with the land and the environment. It’s that pioneering spirit of all the local community members who take risks everyday to grow such an amazing plant. It’s cannabis, the California Way.