As part of our official launch into LA we wanted to take some time to sit down with a few of our key partners to see what makes them tick and what they love so much about the City of Angels. In our first sit down, we had the awesome opportunity to chat with Emily, founder of Greenly.

So tell us about Greenly – what was the inspiration behind the company?

Greenly was started largely because of social justice motivations. Cannabis for all! I also wanted to PROVE that cannabis could be approached in a professional, respectable,  positive way. We were – and still are – one of the only retail outlets that ONLY carries lab tested products. Many might say they do but when you look closely, they don’t. We pride ourselves on reliably delivering high-end products and service. We also strive to be a positive force in the community by enhancing the lives of everyone we connect with in some way.

Greenly is available in the Los Angeles area. What made you choose to open up in LA?? 

I love LA. It has ELECTRICITY. The HIGH ENERGY vibe resonates with me at a deep level. People go after what they want here. I respect the honesty and courage it takes to live that way. It’s good to live in a place that is congruent with your psyche. I realize the intensity here also has a shadow. That’s interesting too. 

What gets you most excited to get out of bed every morning and head into the office? 

I LOVE building things then making them better and better. I’ve always been driven to reach my FULL POTENTIAL. The way I approach business is an extension of that life philosophy. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing WELL. Process improvement feels easy and natural to me. So much so that I gained a six sigma green belt certification in business school. The basic idea is if you can identify and measure the defects in a process, you can SYSTEMATICALLY figure out how to eliminate them to achieve a virtually PERFECT product or service. Well, it might not be perfect but it will be AT LEAST six standard deviations from the norm which is close. Consider the implications of that…

Why did you decide to go with a delivery model, verses opening a dispensary?

I have a tech background and delivery is fundamentally an e-commerce business. I’m also a free spirit type so the idea of going into a store each day is a no go for me. I blow-up or run away from anything that holds me hostage. I used to do those things sub-consciously but now they’re executed in a very conscious and deliberate way.

What’s being done in LA to ensure that delivery remains a vital solution for patients? 

Oh boy. This has been quite a journey – and there is still a long way to go. Despite the many advantages and benefits that delivery offers, it has been unfairly vilified by the LA City Attorney. I believe there was a mistaken idea that we are a bunch of renegades driving around selling cannabis willy nilly and a misconception that delivery will be hard to regulate. That’s not true. Delivery can – and will be – successfully regulated like any other business. We have been working hard to do the education required to turn these misperceptions around – especially among our LA City Council members. Delivery is a GREAT solution to the resistance communities have to storefront dispensaries. It is also unequivocally the best way to get medicine to those who find going to a dispensary to be a hardship. This is only the beginning of the story. I put together a full list of delivery benefits on the LA Delivery Alliance website –

What can cannabis professionals and advocates do to help regulations roll out well in the state?

Actively look out for yourself and your brothers and sisters. It’s no secret that government can get carried away when looking to pursuing their own agenda – particularly when it comes to a product that scares them. Government is inherently risk averse. They are going to attempt to place all sorts of administrative burdens and limitations on us. When we encounter things that don’t make sense, we need to push back.

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Stay tuned for the next interview with another one of our key LA partners!